M300 Blog / January 2nd

Your Guide to January











National Take the Stairs Day

Take the first step toward a healthier lifestyle by ditching
the elevator and taking the stairs instead.




Houseplant Appreciation Day

Big or small, sun- or shade-loving, these green powerhouses do
wonders for making a house a home.
Show ’em some love!



Martin Luther King Jr. Day

A national day of service to honor and commemorate the
life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.




Data Privacy Day

An international effort to help people develop smart,
safe privacy and security practices.
Get involved at staysafeonline.org.



National Plan for Vacation Day

A reminder to use up those vacation days and devote
some time to exploring, relaxing, and enjoying some time off!




Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an
artist once he grows up.” — Pablo Picasso




40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, and of those resolutions, 80% of them fail by the second week of February. (But experts say they’re still worth making, so don’t quit before you start!)

The month of January is named after the Roman god Janus, who is depicted with two faces: one looking forward, and one looking back.

On January 1, 1892, Ellis Island officially opened as an immigration station. 

January is the birth month of Martin Luther King Jr., Elvis Presley, Joan of Arc, and Bessie Coleman.