Hi! I'm Elizabeth Rose and I'm a Mortgage300 Certified Mortgage Planner in Texas. I'm here to provide expert mortgage advice and bring you home faster.

NMLS ID: 252686
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Elizabeth began her career in the financial services industry in 1981 and 15 years later discovered her passion for the mortgage sector. The biggest difference between Elizabeth and other loan officers is that she is in the 1% who is both a Certified Mortgage Planner and Certified Divorce Lending Professional. This means that she can make sure you qualify and meet mortgage guidelines for loan approval, but she will also provide mortgage strategies and sound financial advice. She takes a holistic approach to home financing recognizing the home is the centerpiece to one’s personal financial picture. Her desire is to help clients maximize savings, reduce costs, and increase their net worth through homeownership. She also has specialized knowledge in working with clients going through divorce and their attorneys, providing solutions regarding real property, helping them experience better outcomes. Her goal is to set each client up for financial success.

Outside of work, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her family. She has two grown daughters and five grandkids. She enjoys water sports – kayaking, paddle boarding, and boating – as well as hiking, playing the piano and reading. Her most memorable activity was hiking Mount St. Helens.

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Why I choose to work for
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Mortgage300 is always on the forefront of new loan programs and has a focused investment into cutting edge technology to ensure a fast, efficient transactions that serve my clients better.
Our company’s revolutionary business structure means I am in control of the mortgage deal, from start to finish. My processing and underwriting departments are right on site and that gives us a unique advantage in getting loans closed quickly and efficiently.

In short, "I work for Mortgage300 because they empower me with authority, tools and an expert team to offer consistent, best in class service - and this brings my clients back again and again!"
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